Cleansing the Mind

A mind that's cluttered up with worries, doubts, fears and all manner of complications needs to be cleansed in order to be able to work for you in improving your lot in life.

That may sound like an obvious statement and it is! However, not everyone is imbued with the knowledge and capability to perform such a cleansing and even with the know-how, putting that kind of plan into action it is not always as easy as it sounds.

As a means to creating confidence and self esteem, a clear mind is a potent forerunner of better things to come. So how do you go about scouring out a clogged and congested mind in the gentlest and most effective way possible?


a clear mindLearning how to meditate and use it to create a calm, relaxed and receptive mental state in preparation for the task ahead is one of the best and most effective ways to get started. This is a powerful tool that we all have access to that can really transform our physical and mental circumstance in ways that are conducive to self improvement and self discovery.

Learning how to meditate is a richly rewarding exercise that brings a multitude of benefits both mentally and physically. By quieting the mind while physically relaxing in a quiet and restful place, it is possible to generate solutions to problems from within.

This is by far very different from allowing all the noise and nonsense from without that continually bombards us from all directions to pollute and clutter our minds while stunting our creative mental faculties. It is the inherent abilities from within we all possess that provides us with the power to invoke positive change in our lives.

Meditation is our strongest pathway to connecting with our inner abilities and even to make the unconscious connections to what is often referred to as the Universal Mind or Infinite Intelligence. It is from this source that all the answers we will ever need for anything are sourced when we know how to.

Hawaiian Prayer

This is a very old method of using mind cleansing techniques to bring about positive change in a person. However, it is only just recently been gaining recognition and momentum from a wider audience.

The practice is called Ho'oponopono in the Hawaiian language. It has been taught to newer practitioners by some of the older masters of the art and is becoming better known throughout self improvement circles as a potent mind cleansing practice.

It is possible to obtain a certified Ho'oponopono practitioner course online created by Dr Joe Vitale, a well known face from the movie, The Secret. You can read more about it here: where the practitioner course itself is reviewed and explained in some detail.


There are a wide variety of self development retreat packages offered by practitioners of meditation and personal development. To join one of them, you can book yourself into a retreat held at an exotic location somewhere in the world and spend two weeks or more in quiet, calming surroundings conducive to obtaining mental clarity and insight with the aid of a knowledgeable coach.

While these can be expensive, they are well worth investigating as they provide the perfect setting coupled with expert mentoring and toxin-free food and drinks. Often billed as a total mind and body cleansing retreat, this is often viewed as the ultimate in rebooting the mind when embarking on a journey of whole body holistic healing and improvement.


The ultimate aim achievable by any or the above methods is the freeing of the mind from the clutter and negativity forced upon us all by the various media and life environments of modern day life. We unwittingly allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by unimportant junk information from many sources such as television, radio, news media, Internet social media and even general gossip from people we come into contact with on a regular basis.

Practically none of this information is of any real use to us and often merely serves to load our days with "filler" that leaves little or no room for deeper, more meaningful thought and enlightenment. This may to some seem like it is engineered this way to ensure the populace remains ignorant of their own inherent mental power and the knowledge that can free them from the virtual enslavement of what we have come to know as "civilization."

It is only by shutting off all the unnecessary noise that we can truly develop our minds and our ability to make the most of this powerful gift that we have all been given to use for our own good and the right development of the human race. It helps us to build confidence and self esteem while opening the doors to a better life in all areas.

Learn to find quietness and calm in this noisy world and discover the inner potential of the truly liberated and cleansed mind!